In our search for quality educational STEM materials to serve our bilingual families, we found very little so we took matters into our own hands and created unique STEM content for both English and Spanish speakers. We are on the forefront of the bilingual STEM effort and have presented our materials at an educational conference at CalTech University in Pasadena, California.

Please take a moment to look at our STEM videos and share them with your friends and family! Click over to our STEM page and see all of the videos, along with the lesson plans and material lists. You can also find our video content on You Tube, click on Centro de Niños channel to visit our channel!

We accept toddlers and pre-school age children low-income working families in Los Angeles. The children in our program develop a sense of independence and self-esteem while they are learning in a safe and secure environment.   

Desired Results are documented.  They are defined as conditions of well-being for children and families. 
The Desired Results system (DR system) implemented by the California Department of Education (CDE) is a comprehensive approach that facilitates the achievement of Desired Results for Children and Families. 

The DR system includes six Desired Results:

DR 1:Children are personally and socially competent.
DR 2:Children are effective learners
DR 3:Children show physical and motor competence
DR 4:Children are safe and healthy
DR 5:Families support their child's learning and development
DR 6:Families achieve their goals

We provide:

l   A safe and secure outdoor play area where children can ride tricycles, run, jump and develop their large motor skills;

l   A quiet, comfortable nap time area located apart from other activities; classrooms are large and divided  according to the age level of the child.  Areas for art, science, math, reading, music and dramatic play are open for the children's use;

l   Our award winning meals (State of California and USDA) includes breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily;

l   Strict cleanliness in the kitchen and classrooms is maintained at all times;

l   Our State of California credentialed staff of teacher aides, teacher assistants and pre-school teachers is highly trained and is professionally prepared to work with children.  

The children in our center are fully prepared for success when they enter kindergarten classes and we can assure parents their child is ready for school.

4850 E. Cesar Chavez Avenue - Los Angeles, CA 90022  
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