After serving CDN for 48 years Ms. Serrano-Sewell will soon retire as Centro's Executive Director. She is currently serves as a Board Member and a consultant for the organization.

While at Centro Ms. Serrano-Sewell has been credited for innovating programs, such as Centro's current partnership with NASA, alongside Lola's Musical Garden. In order to meet the demand for STEM materials, Ms. Serrano-Sewell developed a series of accessible lesson plan videos in both English and Spanish for parents and teachers. Her most recent program consisted of 3 Town Halls addressing issues within COVID-19, which resulted in 6 brochures developed in English and Spanish that provide essential information for the Latino Community. 

Ms. Serrano-Sewell has spent her career being an advocate for women and children's issues and has served on various national and local boards such as: President Carter's Committee on Women, The Los Angeles Children's Commission, Pasadena Commission on Women, Pasadena Relocation and Assistance Committee,World Conference on Women, National Delegate to the National Women's Conference, and International Delegate to 2 United Nations.

​Currently Ms. Serrano-Sewell's current activities include working with migrant women through an organization she has founded named 'Latinas for Justice'. She currently resides in La Quanta California with her husband of 52 years, Mario. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren Max and Clara. She looks forward to supporting CDN, in which was such a big part of her life's work. 

Efrain Romo

Mr. Phillips is currently an attorney and has been on a part of the Board of Directors for over 47 years. He has played a crucial role for CDN as the organization became an independent not for profit institution. Mr. Phillips has used his legal skills for the benefit of Centro throughout the years. 

As a child, Mr. Phillips grew up in the Pico Garden's housing projects located in East Los Angeles. He graduated from California State University with honors and also from the University of Southern California Law School. 

He has 3 children, 13 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Mr. Phillips will welcome another great grandchild June of 2021. 

Mr.Phillips believes that Centro is unique and special in their way of preparing young pre-school students primarily from Spanish speaking homes and the working class, to be fluent in English and successful. 

Mr. Lee is an attorney at Lewis Brisgaard and Smith. He received his Juris Doctorate Degree from Pepperdine. University of Law. Mr. Lee has an impressive background in litigation and arbitration. His interests include the well being of children and the undeserved communities of Los Angeles. 
Mrs. Soto has been in the field of child development and at Centro for over 30 years. 

"What makes Centro great is that we strive to serve our community by providing information on topics that are current such as immigration rights, COVID-19, health fairs, census, environmental issues, and food baskets for those in need"  

Ms. Santos-Cuevas comes to us from The Country School in Los Angeles where she taught elementary school for sixteen years. Previous to that, she worked at the Center for Community and Family Service in Pasadena developing and implementing age-appropriate lessons in all areas of child development She also spent ten years in the classroom at Pacific Oaks Children's School working with students from preschool age to third grade students. Ms. Santos-Cuevas has over twenty five years of experience in the field of early childhood education, including time spent at Azusa Head Start. 

Ms. Santos-Cuevas holds a Bachelor's and Masters degree from Pacific Oaks College with an emphasis in Human Development/Education. She also received special training at the Reggio Emilia School in Italy, a method that is world renowned for its approach to child centered learning and experiences.

"What makes Centro great is the involvement and the input of the staff, parents, board members and the community which makes the center a program that is safe, nurturing and interactive. Also, with an amazing hands on curriculum with the emphasis on STEAM. A place where children can develop a strong sense of community."
Sandra Serrano-Sewell
Executive Director 
Ilbert Phillips 
Sebastian Lee
Centro de Niños, Inc.

Fostering The Imagination and Creativity In Children  
Lorena Soto 
Office Manager
Leticia Santos-Cuevas
Program Director 
Mrs. Ramirez has been at Centro de Niños for 46 years.

"Centro is a place that provides opportunities for families to better themselves by attending school, and work. Centro is a safe place where families can leave their children and is also a place not only for children to learn but are introduced to nutritious meals."

Maria Luisa Ramirez 
Administrative Assistant 
Yvette Santos has been with Centro for 1 year. 

"What makes Centro a special place is that we are a community of educators that care for all the children, families and staff."
Yvette Santos 
Angie Nunez has been with Centro since 2010. 

"I believe what makes Centro great is that we provide services that support the ongoing development of the children."
Angie Nunez 
Site Director 
Mayra Ramirez has been with Centro for 4 years.

"CDN is great because not only does it provide excellent services for the East Los Angeles community and families, but working here, there is so much support amongst the staff and it feels like family."

Mayra Ramirez 
Distance Learning Coordinator 
Diana Mata is a board member for Centro De Ninos. Ms. Mata has worked with the Los Angeles County Office of Child Protection supporting multiple initiatives to improve communication, coordination, and accountability across agencies involved in the child protection network. She has gained clinical experience working with children as a school therapist and connecting families to mental health resources at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Los Angeles. Currently, Ms. Mata works with young adults with developmental disabilities and their families providing service coordination and case management. 

Ms. Mata graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master's degree in Social Work with a focus in Social Change and Innovation and a Bachelor's degree from California State University, Northridge in Sociology. Ms. Mata strives to continue making a positive impact in the lives of children and families.

"What makes CDN great is the dedicated staff that make sure our children are getting the best out of their learning."

Diana Mata
Board Member
Centro consists of a friendly full time staff. This includes the Executive Director, a Program Director, Teachers, Teacher Associates and Teacher Assistants, plus a Board of Directors.  

With an office personnel, kitchen staff and a plant management staff to keep Centro secure, we are able to provide a healthy learning environment.  

We serve 105 children. 

All parents receive a Parent Handbook that clearly outlines the philosophy and regulations of the Center. 

Centro plans workshops for parents on subjects which will enhance their knowledge of:

l Child development
l Nutrition
l Health
l Discipline
l Parenting skills

We have a very active Parent Advisory Committee which plans special activities for the children and their parents. All parents are members of the Parent Advisory Committee. The President of the PAC also serves as an elected Member of the Board of Directors. 

Efrain Romo offers his marketing knowledge and expertise to Centro de Ninos. 

With over 20-years of experience in sales promotion, event/sports sponsorship and consumer engagement it's important to generate results. Deep knowledge of consumer motivations including grassroots marketing and public relations. Success in marketing, advertising, as well as managing accounts and developing sponsorship opportunities. 
Excellent written and verbal communication. Bilingual in English and Spanish. Hands-on and supervisory experience. Skilled at working with national accounts, strong team ethic and fostering open communication.